The Scar Free Foundation (formerly The Healing Foundation) Patronage

The Scar Free Foundation (formerly The Healing Foundation) is a national fundraising charity championing the cause of people living with disfigurement and visible loss of function, by funding research into pioneering surgical and psychological healing techniques. Through research,they also raise awareness about the cause and provide information about the sources of support. Currently the foundation has been relaunched the as the Scar Free Foundation.
The Healing Foundation is the only national charity supporting research across such a broad spectrum of disfigurement and appearance concerns, from pioneering research into the potential of scarless healing and tissue ‘regeneration’, to developing new treatments for people affected psychologically by an altered or unusual appearance.
Photography by Craig Strong, via The Almaya Lab site. 
HRH visited The Healing Foundation Centre in December 2009. Click on pic to view gallery
The Healing Foundation funds The Cleft Collective, which is the world’s largest cleft lip and palate research programme. It is an initiative of the Healing Foundation, the UK charity funding medical research into all aspects of disfigurement and visible loss of function, and is supported entirely by voluntary contributions.
HRH is given a tour of the laboratories at Cleft Collective, picture via Cleft Collective Twitter 
 Photography by Martin Chaine, picture posted with kind permission from Cleft Collective
HRH The Countess of Wessex visited the Healing Foundation Cleft Gene Bank and Cohort Study at the University of Bristol in October 2013, to meet staff, volunteers and parents associated with the research programme. As Patron of the Healing Foundation, this was The Countess’s first visit to the Bristol Centre where she toured the facilities and witnessed DNA being extracted from human blood. The Countess also met Brian Boyce and Stephen Vickers from VTCT, the organisation generously funding the gene bank, through the Healing Foundation. Full gallery of HRH visit at Cleft Collective Facebook. Click here.

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