Sophie with kids at Royal Windsor Horse Show

We had a nice surprise today, as Sophie with her two kids, Louise & James was seen at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. Prince Edward was absent due to his engagement: HRH attended the Creative Youth Gala Dinner at Holiday Inn London. The Royal Windsor Horse Show is a horse show held annually since 1943 for five days in May or June in Windsor Home Park. The show is the only one in the United Kingdom to host international competition for dressage, show jumping, carriage driving and endurance riding.
© 2014 Andrew Parsons / i-Images

The Countess of Wessex and her family, attends this event on regular basis, especially since 2009. Today was the first day of 2014 Show. As Countess and her husband are busy tomorrow, and since 16th May they will be in Scotland for the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, it was the only chance for the kids to visit the show with their mum.
© 2014 Andrew Parsons / i-Images

I am very happy we got to see Lady Louise & Viscount James with The Countess who looked just like regular mum in her casual outfit, with sneakers on and hair in ponytail. There was one accessory that looked quite regal, the very intricate and so far UFO pendant. UFO – as in unidentified fashion object, I have borrowed it from my fellow blogger, lovely Susan of What Kate Wore.
© 2014 Andrew Parsons / i-Images

As for the kids, they looked very happy, especially James, when he was playing with remote controlled land rovers. He must be a huge fan of land rovers, first of all check his outfit, and I remember seeing a pic of his birthday cake in a shape of Land Rover. Found it! Here it is! Scroll down a bit.

Outfit & jewellery:

Bamford Button Cuff Sweater, not sure on the colour.

Skinny pants.
New hoop earrings, for now no ID. Heavenly Necklaces have similar design.
UFO pendant, looks like curved green jade, with diamonds. First seen during visit to the Isle of Wight.
Michael Kors Jet Set Signature PVC Crossbody (Brown) bag, first seen last year at Wimbledon.
And a pair of trainers by Moda in Pelle, called Faxon.

2 thoughts on “Sophie with kids at Royal Windsor Horse Show

  1. Molly2101

    I was so surprised by these photos but they made my evening before I head off to work. These kids are too adorable and loved seeing them play together with the remote controlled cars. Sophie looks so “normal” and casual and I loved her trainers!


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