The Wessex Family attends Day 4 of Royal Windsor Horse Show

I’m back with news from Royal Windsor Horse Show, as we have seen all members of The Wessex family today! So my life is complete, and I know my friend Molly, who’s huge ‘fan’ of James is overjoyed! Images posted at Daily Mail will melt your hearts. Lady Louise (11 years old) was seen playing with her adorable cousins, daughters of Peter & Autumn Phillips, 4 year old Savannah and 3 year old Isla.

James, who is 7 years old, was so happy after the ride with his mum at Land Rover attraction that he jumped at his dad! You can see pics and read more about that in Express. Hello did tiny article as well. Few more pics in Telegraph gallery.

The Royal Windsor Horse Show is a horse show held annually since 1943 for five days in May or June in the stunning private grounds of Windsor Castle. The show is the only one in the United Kingdom to host international competition for dressage, show jumping, carriage driving and endurance riding. In addition, there are over 130 showing classes.
There are four different arenas which are accessible by all ticket holders. In addition there is a shopping village with over 230 shops, both equestrian and non equestrian goods. There is also a food festival, and a marquee featuring shops from The Royal Warrant Holders. HM The Queen is the Show’s Patron and visits this show on regular basis, to watch her horses compete and usually does so informally. It all started in 1943, when Count Robert Orssich and Mr Geoffrey Cross were inspired by the ‘Wings for Victory’ campaign and set about organising a Horse and Dog Show in Windsor to raise money for the war effort.

From The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration website: “The first show was simply called the Windsor Horse and Dog Show. It was attended by all the key members of the Royal Family including King George VI, Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother) and the two young Princesses, Elizabeth and Margaret. Legend has it that Count Orssich had a disobedient Lurcher, who stole a chicken leg from King George VI’s plate during the ceremonies. This created such uproar that the committee ruled there would be no more dogs at the Royal Windsor Show, a ruling that stands to this day”. More info can be found here.

After Daily Mail article: The Queen has attended the show every year since it began and competed at the show in her younger days with her sister, Princess Margaret Princess Anne, Prince Charles and the Duke of Edinburgh have all competed. The Duke of Edinburgh competed in the Carriage Driving at Royal Windsor Horse Show for thirty years. He won it once in 1982 and was second five times.” Full article can be found here.

// We have seen Earl & Countess at RWHS on regular basis since May 1999, just before their wedding. If I’m not mistaken, Lady Louise and Vicount James were first taken to the show by their parents on 16 May 2009. Since then The Wessex family is seen every year at the show. Today’s pics by Mark Stewart can be found here & here.

Outfit & jewellery:
New quilted jacket/blazer for Sophie. Tried to ID, so far no luck.
Really Wild design Spanish Boots in Chocolate Suede. 
Siren Stud earrings by Monica Vinader.   
Scarf seen before, during visit to Finland. No ID. 

New brown leather bag with gold detail. It is a Sophie Habsburg Design. Same in style, however in fur leather design here. Confirmed.
I think Lady Louise is wearing Tagg Clothing tweed jacket again, this brand has distinctive fox head buttons.

10 thoughts on “The Wessex Family attends Day 4 of Royal Windsor Horse Show

  1. alpa

    what a wonderful day out for the family! it's esp nice to see louise playing with savannah and isla; we hear stories that some of the family is not that close, so it's nice to see the kids playing together.


  2. Amy

    Precious. Children will be children. Either they will pout and make your life miserable or they will laugh and give you hugs to make your day. Fantastic photos especially the Earl with his son. Beautiful.


  3. To the person who has issues with Isla and Savannah being Louise's “nieces”.
    According to my friend Molly who lives in UK, knows the royal family tree etc, also after EVERY paper: “They aren't nieces to Louise at all. They are Edwards GREAT nieces really but not Louise's. Her only nieces will he James' future daughters etc.”


  4. Molly

    They are most definitely NOT Louise's nieces. “Niece – daughter of one's sister/brother (and her/his spouse)”…unless I am mistaken, which I know I am not, Peter is NOT Louise's brother thus his children are NOT her nieces. They are her first cousins once removed. “First cousins once removed: The child of one's first cousin; also the first cousin of one's parent.”

    I am not sure why this is even in discussion but they are not her nieces, nor will they ever be. Her only nieces will be James' future daughters and any daughters of her future husband's siblings.


  5. Anonymous

    First cousins once removed[edit]

    Two people for whom a first cousin relationship is one generation removed.
    The child of one's first cousin; also the first cousin of one's parent.

    Frank and his father's first cousin, Emma, are first cousins once removed.

    There exist numerous terms for first cousins once removed that describe the relationship more specifically:
    for a male in the higher generation, “cousin-uncle” or “second uncle”;
    for a female in the higher generation, “cousin-aunt” or “second aunt”;
    for a male in the lower generation, “cousin-nephew” or “second nephew”; and
    for a female in the lower generation, “cousin-niece” or “second niece”. \
    I am still right they are her NIECES


  6. Dear ANONYMOUS. Being ANONYMOUS is so easy when attacking other people right???
    Believe me, you couldn't be more wrong. END OF STORY. One more rude comment and I am deleting all your comments.


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