Christmas at Ascot Racecourse for the Wessex family!

We may not have seen The Wessex’es family cute family Christmas pic used on their Christmas card (as we did with The Cambridge’s), but today’s pictures should be enough to make it up for us. I think even the Grumpy Cat would have smiled seeing the photo below!

It seems that Ascot’s Christmas Racing Weekend is an annual fixture for our favourite royal family. We have been seeing Prince Edward with Sophie, and their two kids, Lady Louise & Viscount James during that event since 2012. And it’s one of my favourite events of the year.

Ascot’s website recommends it as the most loved family day, children are welcomed for free, they can enjoy meeting Father Christmas, story telling with Mrs Christmas, carol singing, fairground rides and more. For parents there is a mulled wine, mince pies and of course races.

Today Sophie brought back her gorgeous Prada coat, while Prince Edward sported some very festive tie! Viscount James seemed to play hide & seek with photographers.

Lady Louise looks so grown up and so tall. I recall she wore her navy coat for the first time last year to the Easter service, I don’t think we were ever able to track it down. Under her coat she wore a white blouse with grey dress.

Little James is not so little anymore, and with every year he is getting more serious. Just look at him observing races along with his mum. Today’s pictures are one of my favourites. Mark Cuthbert has huge gallery, where you can spot Sophie with her father, Christopher Bournes Rhys-Jones. Just click here. There is also a better look at Prince Edward’s Christmas tie. I adore it! Also, even the Daily Mail couldn’t resist today’s photos, article here.
It’s hard to believe that Christmas Eve is in less than a week! I guess I will be back with new post on Christmas Day. Untill then keep calm and carry on!

Outfit & jewellery:
Prada coat.
Issa, Bay Knitted Dress with matching Mills Knitted Cardigan in rose pink.
UFO silk scarf, seen on several different occasions.
Those gorgeous UFO earrings. Can someone ID those??

Clutch by Sophie Habsburg Design in Ginny Style.
GIANVITO ROSSI Bari 85 patent-leather court shoes in pale pink.

12 thoughts on “Christmas at Ascot Racecourse for the Wessex family!

  1. Molly

    The photo of Sophie and James touching noses is SO CUTE. I can't believe how grown up Louise is as well. The coat she wore only 1.5 years ago is bordering on too small now. She's so TALL and I can't believe she's 12. Sophie's coat is beautiful and I love those shoes. Love Edward's festive tie – nice touch!


  2. Anonymous

    Wonderful photos, a lovely family. Question though, is it a Sophie's choice to dress Lady Louise like a little girl (white tights and those shoes!) or is it a class thing – her son is dressed as a smaller version of his Dad. Lady Louise also ought to be wearing braces on her teeth, very few 12 year-olds are without nowadays and she does need it. Maybe Sophie is going slowly because of her daughter's recent medical history?


  3. Anonymous

    As do I. Not sure why Louise is dressing like a photo shoot for 1940. I suspect there is a beauty hiding. Perhaps her clothes are her comfort zone. She appears quite shy. But it would be nice to see her in age appropriate and 21st century clothes. Those shoes are for a 6 yrs old.


  4. Molly

    Louise is too young for braces yet. At just 12 years old she probably doesn't have all of her adult teeth. Once she has them all she will then probably get braces – the same for James. With regards to her clothing, I am not a fan of the white tights and shoes look but it's a traditional royal family thing. Zara, Beatrice and Eugenie all wore white tights and traditional coats for years. When not at formal occasions Louise is dressed like every other little girl.


  5. Anonymous

    Except that Zara and the York girls are in their mid to late twenties and that may have been the dress when the were younger but it is 2015 2016…. it is dowdy.


  6. I sometimes wonder if Louise is deliberately dressed down for the sort of public events where the Wessexes are on show to reduce the risk of rags like the Waily Fail going on about her 'growing curves' and other such nauseating things… She dresses pretty normally for family things (eg the ice skating photos out in the past couple of days.)


  7. Anonymous

    Lovely to see the Wessex family out together ! James is the spitting image of Sophie's brother !. Louise is definitely her father's daughter ! You can see she's going to a beauty ! She has look of Lady Gabriella of Kent, about her !
    To Anna. Thank you for your dedication in keeping us all updated on what our lovely Countess has been up to in 2015 !Wishing you and all the blog followers a very Merry Christmas ! And look forward to reading your posts in 2016 !�� x


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