Round up of news.

Just a quick post with a round up of news. Yesterday in the afternoon, The Earl and Countess of Wessex held a Lunch for Her Majesty’s Lord- Lieutenants of the Wessex region. The Countess of Wessex as Chairman of Women in Business (promoting The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award), held a Meeting in a morning.

Today, The Countess of Wessex (most likely representing Prince Edward) along with The Princess Royal and Prince Michael of Kent, attended Sebastian de Ferranti’s memorial service at Church of the Immaculate Conception (Farm Street) in London.
via Joe Little of Majesty Magazine

Sebastian de Ferranti, who has died aged 88 (in October 2015), was chairman of the pioneering electronics company founded by his grandfather, and the creator of one of Britain’s finest 20th-century country houses, the neo-Palladian Henbury Hall in Cheshire. For more info visit this link. There are no pictures of HRH attending the service.

I also wanted to share a link to an article [here], that makes my blood boil. Richard Palmer shares an ‘insight’ on the future of royal family & their patronages. He writes:

Charles, 67, wants a more muscular, streamlined monarchy, focused on achieving concrete changes in society through a smaller group of working royals and, inevitably, a smaller number of organisations. The core of that smaller group will be Charles, Camilla, William, Kate, Harry – and his wife if he is married by then. Much may depend on when Charles comes to the throne but, according to sources familiar with behind-the-scenes palace thinking, even the new King’s siblings, Anne, Andrew, and Edward may not have an official role for long under Charles‘.

As much as I like Richard’s articles, I would take that one with a grain of salt, mixed with pepper 🙂
First of all, we all hope that The Queen will reign for many years to come, and something like ‘forcing’ royals to step away from their patronages simply won’t happen. It would be a huge mistake & even bigger PR disaster. I refuse to believe those rumours. Period. Staged/choreographed royal events like it was during Diamond Jubilee at balcony & barge is one thing, but actual work with Patronages is totally different. And I just don’t see it happening.

And here’s an interesting post, mostly about The Duchess of Cambridge, BUT you will find some interesting notes on the workload of The Countess. It only reassures me that HRH is a huge asset to the royal family, and she should be very much treasured.
click on pic to view the video shared by Embassy of the State of Qatar – London Youtube channel.

And finally, you can view the video of ‘Qatar Creating Vision’ Initiative Signing Ceremony, that took place in November 2015 & was attended by The Countess. My post can be found here.

5 thoughts on “Round up of news.

  1. Thank you, Anna, for the round up. It's always a pleasure reading your blogs! Also a big thank you for drawing my attention to R Palmer's article. In that regard I'm fully with you – big grain of salt (and pepper :P) wise. The longer I follow the members of the BRF the more I get the impression that there are two distinct types of press coverage: Firstly, there's the reporting of news (the kind one would expect from news media) and, secondly, there's the 'stirring the pot' type of articles. The latter ones appearing to be more along the lines: We don't have any news but who cares … if we throw something out there (1) you'll buy our paper because the BRF sells and (2) perhaps we elicit a reply that's newsworthy … . Personally, I think it casts a sad light on the status of news media if they use their position to generate -rather than report- news. I've reached the point where my reaction to a lot of the coverage is: I believe it when I see it! *sighs*
    Thanks again for your work and dedication to keeping us informed of what's out there. Greatly appreciated!!!


  2. Miol Mor: I hope all is well. Thank you for writing exactly what I have been thinking. Let add that Ifeel because the media thinks that they should create and lead the conversation about the royals, as a result, they pettifog, print half truths as well as create a perception of acrimony within the royal family. Unfortunately, this is true for media every where. I am guessing that they think that all who read their writings will swallow what they have written hook and and sinker The sad part is many do, but the skeptic in me is forever at work. On the other hand, this is not the first time I have heard this about Prince Charles' intentions and even if one ounce of it is true, it will be a very sad day for the monarchy if this ever happens–lets hope that it does not.

    Even so, the media have been known to launch “trial balloons” in the hope that the story will stick. Many times it does and the rest of media will take that story and run with it–the idea behind this is that ” a lie” will become believable if it is repeated enough–this is born of a certain ideology which has taken over the media and politics. All I can say is “readers beware.”

    Having been on my soap box, aIneglected to thank the wonderful Anna for this information and also for reporting on the beautiful Countess Sophie.

    Thank you for all you do and make it a great day.



  3. Anonymous

    Hi, it's Alex Brown. Thanks for a great post, Anna. I just wanted to say that, regarding Charles's plans, it's been known and talked-about for quite a long time that he wants a pared-down monarchy with just his family. That's why there was only that group on the BP balcony at the Diamond Jubilee flypast, apparently. I think Charles has been quite open about it? That's why Beatrice has now got a proper job and Eugenie is working, too, as they won't have much of a royal role. Personally, I think to cut back so much is a mistake. Helping with the profile of charities is one the great advantages of the royals, and I do believe that people like Beatrice, Eugenie, and the Countess of Wessex should have proper royal roles, as should Princess Anne. (Prince Andrew has rather embarrassed himself and should stay at home!) It seems to me that the “core” group will end up doing less work for the same or more pay, while the Queen's grand-daughters are out doing a paid job while they could have been doing good works. It's a pity. They were born into royalty and I think they should be royal – they are princesses! Just my opinion.


  4. Anonymous

    Not to offend anyone but Amen to that, they deserve royal duties as princesses of the blood royal. Look at princess Alexandra, even as cousin of the queen she still performed them until 2013. I don't understand why they are starting to streamline from the Queen's family if her cousins are still in the “royal firm”, just start from there is my opinion.


  5. I hope the article is not founded in truth I would REALLY that to think this was the course things were to take. Frankly I think Charles would need all the help he could muster. I agree Andrew has done NOTHING of use to man nor beast but Princess Royal and The Wessex family are a real assets. They should be overlooked … however this maybe chatter and as a real Sophie fan I find it a bit hard to swallow.


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