Day 4 – DofE Sophie’s Challenge!

Day 4 of The Royal Diamond Challenge is either still underway or almost finished, I guess we will find out soon. The Countess and her team departed from Imphal Barracks in York. HRH was waved off by students from Canon Lee School, involved in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.
via Canon Lee Dofe Twitter feed

Despite wet morning, I see the weather has nicely cleared up and it seems it was really warm. I must say I’m impressed with the British weather so far. Here in Poland last week we had 30 degress, this week, for example today, when I was leaving for work, it was 6 degrees! Frickin cold. I really hope that such lovely British weather will stay with HRH and her team for the rest of their journey as well.
via The Royal Family Twitter account

Not sure where their first stop was, but about five hours ago, The Countess of Wessex & her team were spotted cycling through Thorne and three hours ago they have headed into Lincolnshire. According to HRH’s blog: “we had a glorious ride along some very pretty country lanes for 30 miles and our first stop (yes in a cake shop). It is obviously muck spreading season and as much as I appreciate the importance of fertilising the fields, every day has provided us with some lung-busting pongs!“.
via HRH’s blog, Day 4 at The Royal Family Website – click on pic to be redirected

HRH added: “So 80 miles completed today in 5 hours (in the sunshine too) and I am feeling great. Admittedly my backside was asking me nicely to get off the saddle by the time we finished, but apart from that all is good!“. Daily Mail coverage is here. Zimbio gallery from today is here. Account by QARANC member who is part of ‘team Wessex’ can be found here. Post will be updated.
via Guernsey Press Twitter feed

Prince Edward is visitng Guernsey today, to celebrate the Diamond Anniversary of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. When touring The Ladies’ College, HRH was asked to take part in the bike challenge. Not sure how long it took but I’m sure it made Sophie smile.

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