Happy New Year from Sandringham & well – me too!

Hello and a Happy New Year! Hope you all had a fabulous time over Christmas and a wonderful greeting of the 2017. Let’s hope it will be a better one! Today The Wessex family was seen attending New Year’s church Service at Sandringham. Sadly The Queen was not present, after BP statement: “Her Majesty the Queen will not attend Sunday worship at Sandringham today. The Queen does not yet feel ready to attend church as she is still recuperating from a heavy cold.” Again, all the best to HM and a speedy recovery!

© Geoff Robinson Photography

Thankfully, The Duke of Edinburgh was in high spirits. He arrived to church by car with his daughter in law, The Countess of Wessex. Prince Edward walked short distance from the Sandringham Estate to St Mary Magdalene Church along with his daughter, Lady Louise. Viscount James was not seen, however the weather was truly horrid.

© Geoff Robinson Photography

As last year, photographer based in Cambridge, Mr Geoff Robinson has kindly sent me pictures he took today in the morning, so I could share them with my readers and followers! My kind thank you to Mr Geoff! If you would like to visit his website, click here. Twitter account is here. At his Twitter you will find lovely image of ‘hopping’ Prince Edward, and also the magnificence of today’s English weather. Direct link to mentioned pics, here.


As for the fashion, The Countess of Wessex was wearing navy dress, which was seen for the first time in New York, I couldn’t ID it so far. She paired it with Fedora hat by Jane Taylor. Sophie added a touch of colour with China Blue Woollen Scarf with Damask Print Stripe Border by Jo Edwards London. I got it last year after seeing it being worn by HRH and have been wearing it all winter. Love it.

© Geoff Robinson Photography

Lady Louise brought back her Armani Junior Broadcloth coat and I beret by Jane Taylor seen for the first time last year. Today Louise had her hair styled in a lovely braid. She also carried her mum’s vintage clutch. Prince Edward was in a trench coat – quite a departure from his favourite woolen coat. Also present at today’s service were Princess Royal and her husband, Sir Timothy Laurence.

© Geoff Robinson Photography

For more coverage visit Mirror article (including video), here. Daily Mail coverage is here, The Sun’s here and Telegraph’s here. On a separate note there have been lately few not so nice comments made by anonymous readers – rude remarks without any merit will be deleted. Period.

Outfit & jewellery:

UFO navy dress. 
Amrapali diamond earrings.
Jane Taylor’s hats for The Countess & Lady Louise, Sophie wears bespoke version of Chloe.
China Blue Woollen Scarf with Damask Print Stripe Border by Jo Edwards London.

Lady Louise wore her Armani Junior Broadcloth coat.

11 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Sandringham & well – me too!

  1. Anonymous

    Happy New Year Anna! Thank you for such a wonderful post, and thank you Mr Robinson for spectacular photos! Very generous!

    I love love love The Countess' entire look today! That fedora is so stylish on her and the scarf's pop of color was perfect. I think Lady Louise's outfit was lovely, and her braid and beret topped it off to perfection. Despite the weather, a wonderful showing of the Royals, although sad not to see The Queen.



  2. Happy New Year Anna … love the scarf I bought it last year when Sophie wore it naturally not wearing mine as it too hot. Love her look and Lady Louise so cute ..


  3. Anonymous

    How pretty Lady Louise looks with her hair plaited and wearing her beret.
    Concerning that HM is still unwell ! Wishing her a speedy recovery !
    Sophie looks lovely in the fedora hat !
    Happy New Year Anna ! Looking forward to all your post in 2017 !


  4. Anonymous

    Anna, as a long-time lurker, I have neglected to thank you for your lovely blog. I appreciate the energy and detail you offer, as well as the peaceful tone. You have created a very nice corner in an oftentimes grumpy internet! Thanks, and happy new year. Susan


  5. I think if someone has something to say – negative, and they feel strongly about it, then why do they always hide behind Anonymous. They should go under their name. Some people have nothing else to do but say horrid things about other people. It is not on!!! and it shall not spoil this post that Anna works so hard to put together for our benefit.


  6. sophie looks nice, as always. but the real stand out for me is louise! i love the french braid! and her outfit nicely straddles the line between appropriate for the event and for a royal, and youthful and stylish.


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