HM The Queen hosted an annual Christmas lunch for the Royal Family

On the 19th December, HM The Queen and The Duke of Ediburgh hosted an annual traditional Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace for the members of royal family. We saw many familiar faces including The Wessex family. The Countess of Wessex arrived accompanied by her daughter, Lady Louise.

While the Earl of Wessex drove in a separate car accompanied by his son, Viscount James and James’ nanny. Next to Prince Edward was seated some man, possibly new private secretary to TRHs, Alex Stonor, but I am not sure. For images from that event visit The Sun article, by clicking here.

PS. Many of you couldn’t wait until Lady Louise will get her braces, the wait is over, she is already wearing them. Here’s to the speedy process of getting that perfect smile!

Outfit & jewellery:
Possibly Single-breasted wool-blend coat by Vince.
Some scarf seen before.
Tiffany citrine studs.

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