2018 Christmas at Sandringham for The Wessex Family

At last, after a looong week I was able to update every entry on my blog. I needed a break, honestly I was certain I won’t be able to do this again. But your messages, understanding and other factors, made me re-think my decission. I know it will be hard. LP starts a half year long tour in January, so I will have plenty on my plate, but we shall see. Maybe I will manage to work it out somehow.

© Geoff Robinson Photography – courtesy of photographer

But let’s get back to the Royals. On the 25th December we saw united family front of royals attending Christmas Mass at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham. The Wessex family arrived altogether, walking side by side, shortly after the ‘fabulous four’. Sophie looked elegant as always in her new, bespoke coat by Suzannah and another bespoke creation from her favourite milliner, Jane Taylor.

© Geoff Robinson Photography – courtesy of photographer

Lady Louise looked very pretty in her beige coat and beautiful animal print beret hat also by Jane Taylor (wouldn’t mind owning one myself as well), while Viscount James seemed to refuse wearing any coat whatsoever. I was wondering what wacky tie Prince Edward wore for this occasion, but whatever he has chosen, sadly it was hidden underneath his thick shawl.

© Geoff Robinson Photography – courtesy of photographer

HM The Queen arrived to church with The Duke of York, while his daughters decided to walk. Prince Charles along with Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge arrived hand in hand with The Duke and The Duchess of Sussex. Peter Phillips walked with his both daughters, Savannah and Isla. Autimn Phillips (in a stunning green coat-dress by Clare Mischevani) arrived with Princess Beatrice.

© Geoff Robinson Photography – courtesy of photographer

Newlyweds, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank walked shortly afterwards, followed by The Wessex family, and Princess Royal with her husband Sir Timothy Laurence. Last ones to arrive were Zara and Peter Phillips. This year we haven’t seen The Duke of Edinburgh and The Duchess of Cornwall. For coverage of that day you may want to check the Daily Mail, click here.

Here, I would like to give my huge thanks to Geoff Robinson (News Photographer based in Cambridge), who each year, since we’ve known each other (online) is sharing his royal Christmas pictures with me – thank you!

Outfit & jewellery:
New, Jane Taylor Millinery bespoke wet look velvet cocktail hat with vintage veil.
New bespoke blue cashmere coat by Suzannah.
Erdem Paisley Vine-print silk-crepe de chine dress.
New, CHAiNGING Berlin Earrings | g o l d by Lucia Odescalchi.
Black suede pumps by LK Bennett.
New pochette (#lunatic #caviar #snake) by Sophie Habsburg.

15 thoughts on “2018 Christmas at Sandringham for The Wessex Family

  1. Sheryl Laporte

    Thank goodness I’m finally able to see some good pictures of the Wessex family, Eugenie and husband Jack!! You do a wonderful job of getting Sophie and her family out there. Not that I don’t appreciate all the other Royals but the Countess Wessex does such an exemplary job and gets little praise in the mainstream media. 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and thanks again for all that you do. Sheryl from Canada.


  2. Jax/ Canada

    So happy to see this post. You’re the only one I can find that covers Sophie and all that she does as a hard working Royal. Your efforts are truly appreciate and I apologize if I haven’t said that in the past to support you.


  3. Wendie-Anne

    Oh Anna you have absolutely made my day. I am so pleased that you have rethought your decision to continue with this blog, 😊 I do so enjoy reading your very informative updates on the Countess Of Wessex. Your updates are always so informative and interesting. Sophie does so much good work for all the charities that she represents and it really is so unfortunate that the press choose not to let the public know about it.


  4. I count your decision to give this blog another go a real Christmas gift of time and effort from you. I am just happy whenever you have the chance to work on this blog. Your pictures and narrative are the best. Thank you for your superb efforts and for all the fashion ID’s! On the fashion front I loved Sophie in this beautiful shade of blue! Lady Louise is looking so grown up in her coat and shoes, but I thought the hat was a very age appropriate accessory and brought the look together nicely for her. I like the way Eugenie’s trim on her dress matched the trim on her shoes. She and Jack look the picture of happiness!


  5. Sandra

    Yes, I would always like to thank you Anna for re-thinking your decision to end this blog. I was so upset to read your “announcement post”. My reaction the next day when I looked and you had updated your posts was wonderful. Thank you for all your hard work and time you put into this blog.


  6. Bel

    Anna you keeping the blog going, is the best news, Thank You ! A place were liked minded followers of the Wessex family can come and read of the work they do, that sadly would go unreported anywhere else !
    Christmas is one of my favourite reporting on Sophie ! And this year she didn’t disappoint ! The colour and cut of the coat is exquisite on Sophie. I love the hat with the ‘vintage’ veil, very chic and very Sophie! And a shout out to Lady Louise ! She certainly following her Mum in the fashion stakes ! Love her beret style hat ! This young lady will be one to follow in years to come I think !
    I wonder if we’ll see Sophie with HM today (Sunday) going to church ? Love to see them together.
    Thanks again Anna, for reconsidering keeping the blog open. ! Bel. x


  7. Shannon

    What a wonderful gift to read that you will continue this excellent blog as time allows. You really do an amazing job on this blog Anna. It’s informative, appreciative and well written. I recognize all the hard work you put into this as the mainstream media does not pursue the Countess as much as other Royals. You have to work extra hard to gather photos and information on her events, and the end result is stunning. Thank you!

    I absolutely adore these photos from Christmas of The Countess having fun with the Brooksbanks’. It’s a shame the mainstream media doesn’t share these photos as they are the real gems. Very candid and fun!

    Thank you so much for this wonderful update! All the best to you in 2019!


  8. Vera

    Great blog about my fave BRF royal, Sophie. Thank you for sharing product IDs, we discovered Patrick Mavros through your blog, and now own a few pieces, too. Thank you, Anna, and wishing everyone a wonderful 2019!


  9. Ellie

    Thank you so much for continuing this blog, Anna; i look at it every day and was so disappointed when i read that you were not going to continue although I understand it’s a huge commitment, so now I’m over the moon that you feel you can carry on. Thanks once again.


  10. Anna, Thank you for all your hard work for your information on Sophie and the Wessex family. I appreciate it so much and so happy you are going to continue. Wishing you a Happy New Year and success in whatever you do. Thank you so much for what you do because you are appreciated by all of us.


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