Sunday Service at St. Mary Magdalene Church

On the 30th December HM The Queen took part in the Sunday Service at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham. This time HM arrived to the church accompanied by her Lady-in-Waiting, while members of her family walked the short distance.

Again we saw The Wessex family, including The Earl and Countess of Wessex with Lady Louise (Viscount James was absent). We also saw, Princess Royal and her husband, Sir Timothy Laurence. There weren’t many photographers that day, so not sure who else attended.

Like mentioned above photographic coverage was poor, Daily Mail did manage to publish few pics of the Wessex family, and you will find those by clicking here. Sadly I don’t have any that I could use on my blog.

Outfit & jewellery:
Fedora most likely by Jane Taylor.
Loewe Collarless V-neck coat.
Some black boots.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Service at St. Mary Magdalene Church

  1. Bel

    Happy New Year to you Anna, and to all that follow this amazing blog ! x
    Sophie and Louise both looked lovely, as did HM. Sophie really does ‘rock’ a fedora !
    Anna, you have a busy 6 months ahead, but my New Year’s wish, is fingers crossed you might just find the time to cover, if not all, then some of Sophie’s engagements. Bel. x


  2. Vera

    Happy Birthday, Anna! Wishing you all the best on your special day and all year through. I look forward to Sophie’s engagements and your great posts about them. Don’t worry or hurry, just enjoy posting if and when you have time and can do it. Your blog fans aren’t going anywhere. Enjoy!


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