Wellbeing of Women Reception attended by HRH

On the 20th March in the afternoon The Countess of Wessex as President of the Royal Smithfield Club attended a forum at Convocation Hall in London. According to Meat Managment article:

photo via Meat Managment, click on pic to be redirected; L-R: David Gunner, Joint Chief Executive Dovecote Park Ltd, Heather Jenkins, former Waitrose & Partners director, HRH and William Bedell, Chairman Royal Smithfield Club.

The Royal Smithfield Club’s president HRH The Countess of Wessex has presented the Royal Smithfield Club Bicentenary Trophy which celebrates the bi-centenary of the founding of the Smithfield Club in 1798. The trophy is awarded each year to a person or organisation deemed to have made a significant contribution to the UK meat industry. Full article can be found here.

In the evening HRH attended a Wellbeing of Women Reception at Working Title Films in London. At the event, Sophie joined charities Wellbeing of Women and The Urology Foundation to celebrate raising £153,000 for men and women’s health through Hike For Hope.

Photography by John Dick, courtesy of Wellbeing of Women.

As a supporter of Wellbeing of Women the Countess presented the cheque and met with the intrepid hikers who completed their adventure at the end of last year. The Hike for Hope trekkers tackled the Simien mountain range over seven days and on the final day reached the summit after a 3.30am start and a gruelling 14-hour ascent to the top in November 17 – 28 2018.

Photography by John Dick, courtesy of Wellbeing of Women.

The trek was led by the Queen’s former Surgeon Gynaecologist and Wellbeing of Women Honorary president Sir Marcus Setchell (who recently celebrated his 75th birthday), and renowned prostate surgeon Professor Roger Kirby (68). Sir Marcus  and Roger took part in the last of their Hike for Hope Series which to date has raised £1.4 million. They were joined by friends, colleagues and supporters.

Photography by John Dick, courtesy of Wellbeing of Women.

More than a decade ago Sir Marcus Setchell, Wellbeing of Women’s Hon President, and renowned prostate surgeon Roger Kirby embarked on their first Hike for Hope in order to raise funds for both gynaecological and urological charities. Since then they have completed six treks across Jordan, Kenya, the Sinai desert, India, the Atlas Mountains and the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia. To learn more click here.

Photography by John Dick, courtesy of Wellbeing of Women.

Founded 55 years ago, Wellbeing of Women is one of the only charities finding cures and treatments across the breadth of female reproductive health, including pregnancy & childbirth, fertility, gynaecological cancers, and overlooked areas like endometriosis, PCOS and the menopause.

Photography by John Dick, courtesy of Wellbeing of Women.

Many of the routine tests and treatments that form everyday clinical practice can be traced back to charity’s work, such as the use of ultrasound in pregnancy and the importance of taking folic acid for the health of the unborn baby. Wellbeing of Women also funded Professor Henry Kitchener, who linked HPV to cervical cancer which led to the HPV vaccination program in schools, making cervical cancer preventable for the first time. Only 2.48% of publicly funded research is dedicated to reproductive health and childbirth which makes charity’s work vital.

Photography by John Dick, courtesy of Wellbeing of Women.

The Urology Foundation (that was also present at the event and took part in the trek) is the only UK charity to help improve the diagnosis, care and treatment for all urological conditions through research and education for urology professionals.

Photography by John Dick, courtesy of Wellbeing of Women.

I also wanted to thank Sarah and Wellbeing of Women team for their swift response, providing me with images and additional information about the event – very kind of you all!

D2vVLPMW0AAgVhx.png large
photo: © Beaumont Photography courtesy of The Wallace Collection

Later in the evening, The Countess of Wessex as Patron of the Wallace Collection held a Dinner at Buckingham Palace. They never shared anything from their events, so I stopped asking. To my huge surprise, today – 28th March, The Wallace Collection shared one photo from this event with such information:

Celebrating the bicentenary year of Lady Wallace’s birth, our Royal Patron HRH, The Countess of Wessex hosted a gala for the Wallace Collection at Buckingham Palace. An exciting week for the Wallace and great way to end #WomensHistoryMonth!

Outfit & jewellery:
Joseph Nessie jacket. No longer available. Sophie had it for several years.
Past season Oscar De La Renta Jaquard Dress.
The Circle of Love ‘Diamond’ Stud Earrings by Heavenly Necklaces.
Watch by Chanel.

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