“you can’t have your cake and eat it”

I will no longer continue with this blog.

I’m afraid it’s my final decision. It took me a long time to come to this place and accept this fact, but here it is.

If you want to tackle issues like women’s empowerment, equality and support system for those who are being ignored, then be inclusive to everyone.

You do not cut the wings of the one person who supported you without any hidden motives, with utmost respect, and who did a Diamond Challenge as THE ONLY royal blogger and received a Diamond Pin to support causes close to your heart.

I wanted to thank all my readers, who’ve been with me for all this time and read and supported me in this task. Which, as you know, was at times very difficult. I did my best for more than 5 years but my pink glasses has been lost and I cannot find them no more.

Thank you to THE ONE person who fully grasped what I was trying to do and achieve and supported me in this task, for as long as could…

But, all good things come to an end.

If you don’t want to part ways with me, my style of writing and be a bit closer to my inner world, do check my LP Blog, dedicated to an artist I’ve been admiring for a long time. This admiration lead to better understanding of who I am and what I want to do with my life and free time that I’ve been so generously giving away.

I’ve closed all my royal social media even though they were close to 10.000…

For now this blog will stay online, but I’m going to close it at some point as well.


36 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. Danielle

    I am saddened to read this as you were such a hard working, respectful and knowledgeable champion of the work and the style of the Countess of Wessex. In a social media world that is increasingly filled with gossip and meanness, your website never strayed. I wish you well on your future endeavours.


  2. Shanon

    Anna, I’m sorry to hear this, but completely understand. You have created an exceptional blog where gossip and innuendo were not allowed. You featured a very hard working and ignored member of the Royal Family, and found the information we never could have. Thank you so much for all your hard work!
    It sounds as if trolls and bullies visited you, and it sickens me that those people are on social media and get away with it.
    I wish you the best in your future and thank you again,


  3. Jax

    Thank you for the many years of above average coverage of the DOW. As images and press were always limited, I was amazed at your ability to find pictures of Sophie and quickly post them for us to see. You have been a tireless supporter and I want to thank you for all your time and effort. I’m sad to see you move on, but wish you only the best in the future.
    Jax from 🇨🇦


  4. Barb Prillaman

    Anna, I join your supporters here in thanking you for your thoughtful, respectful blog, and for your tirelesss efforts in championing the work of the Countess. You’re one of a kind, and I’m grieved that you’ve had to deal with cruel souls who can hide behind the relative anonymity of the Internet.

    Your blogs have always been a breath of fresh air, and I hope that your future endeavours will be successful and enjoyable. We will miss you sorely.

    Wishing you all the best!


  5. Francie Newcomb

    Anna, I’m so sorry you are closing this wonderful blog. You persevered even when it was hard to get pictures of the Countess of Wessex because of the lack of publicity. Thank you so much for all your work and for all the information about her admirable work that you have imparted.


  6. Alwyn Paterson

    Thank you for all the blogs you have posted.

    Have a good rest and enjoy another chapter of your life

    Very best wishes



  7. Vera


    Thank you for your wonderful blog, it has been a pleasure to read all about Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and her work and style.

    Not only have my sisters and I enjoyed reading about her engagements, but we also enjoyed the fun fashion notes as well. As a matter of fact, we added earrings from Patrick Mavros to our vault based on your jewelry ID info.

    Thanks again and wishing you all the best.

    Warm Regards from, Vera, Andjelija and Desa


  8. Kristen in Boston

    Anna, thank you so much and I wish you nothing but the best. I’ve loved bolstering my royal-watching by learning about Sophie through you. She is a gem, and so are you for giving her a spotlight. I will miss this blog.


  9. Hi Anna, I’m so sorry to hear this, but I support your decision and I hope it will make you happier. As always, your blog = your decision, but I beg you to consider leaving the website up even if it’s inactive – I refer to it often when looking at past Sophie events and would be lost without it! Thanks for all of your hard work over the years.

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  10. Hi Anna, so sorry to hear you are closing this website, you have provided all us fans of the Countess of Wessex with information and photos that are almost nowhere else to be found. We shall miss you very much. I am perhaps completely wrong here, but I get the impression your comments are aimed at the Countess herself (about lack of inclusion, and loss of rose coloured glasses). It would be sad to think your five years of hard work end in a disagreement between you, or that Sophie somehow managed to upset you. You and your readers have never been anything other than respectful and appreciative. Thank you again, and good luck.

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  11. Michelle

    Anna – I’m sorry your fabulous project is ending this way. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you spent over the past few years – I have really enjoyed your coverage & appreciate your efforts!


  12. cobwebb66

    Sorry to hear you are ending your blog. I can but echo the comments and sentiments of others. good luck with whatever ventures you undertake. If it’s as good as this – it will be amazing


  13. Anna,

    Thank you so much for all your hard work, providing us with many hours of enjoyable photos and news of Sophie. I so admired her. Sad to see you go and good luck in your future endeavours. Will miss you. Susan🇨🇦


  14. Susan in VA

    I am sorry to see your blog on the Countess of Wessex end. However, I understand that you have more pressing issues that you are passionate about and want to pursue.


    1. Heather

      Hi Anna,

      I’m so sorry to hear this news. I’ve followed you and the blog for a couple years now and have always enjoyed your posts. Please know that your efforts are much appreciated. I thought of you as soon as I saw the full length photo of Sophie from the recent State Banquet, no doubt due to your efforts.

      I echo the others and hope that you’ll consider keeping this blog up as a resource. You’ve put so much work into it that I hate to see it all go away. I also hope to see you back on social media at some point when you are ready.

      Best wishes to you!


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  16. cisca1

    I am so sad. Sophie is my favorite royal and I was very happy to read your blog.
    I hope you come back one day and I wish you have a happy life.
    Thank you so much.


  17. Danielle G

    I’m very sorry to hear of this – I have always enjoyed your blog; your enthusiasm for all things Sophie radiated off the page! I thought something might be wrong when Sophie changed her tiara, and there were no updates to your blog. I was really hoping for your perspective on it. (For the record, I like the new change!)

    Wishing you much health and happiness,
    Danielle G


  18. Maureen


    I am very sorry to hear this. You should be very proud of all the hard work you have done over the years, and with much integrity!


  19. Ida

    Thank you for all your hard work and wonderful blog.
    You educated and informed and converted me from not paying any attention and importance to the royals to one who came to acknowledge the hard work and important role the Countess of Wessex plays .
    All the best and much success with your next chapter.


  20. Amanda

    Dearest Anna,

    I have read here for years and also enjoyed pinning to my Pinterest board, dedicated to the Countess, from your content as well, I will always be grateful for your efforts here. As you say, time is a precious commodity and you have generously invested much of yours on this Blog. My very best wishes to you in all your future adventures, kindest regards, Amanda.


  21. Wendy

    So sorry and sad to hear that you are no longer continuing with this blog. I did so enjoy reading all your updates on the great work that Sophie does. She really is such a lovely and hardworking royal that truly is not appreciated by the press. There are hardly any press updates done on her. I really enjoyed all the hard work and effort that you put in to keeping us all so very well informed not just on her work engagements and the charities that she represents but also on all the details of the beautiful and wonderful outfits that she wore. I so use to look forward to reading your blogs but unfortunately that isn’t to be anymore.

    All the very best of wishes to you in your future endeavors. May your future be happy and blessed.

    Thankyou Anna so very much for all your wonderful updates over the years, they will be so missed not by just me but by many others as well. 💐💐


  22. Robin

    I am so sorry to read that you are closing your blog. Even though I rarely commented I’ve read this blog for years as it is the only place Sophie got the recognition she deserves as one of the hardest working members of the royal family. Social media is out of control over the past couple of years and yours is not the first royal blog to shut down because of nastiness. I’m sad to hear that you are the latest victim. I wish you well in all of your future endeavors.


  23. G.A.


    Your blog has been informative, fun and a great diversion. I appreciate all the time and effort you put towards your well regarded blog.

    Thank you for all your efforts. You will be greatly missed. All my best to you as you move forward with other amazing work.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Laura W.

    I’ve been away in a remote area for several months and mostly with no internet connection. I am now catching up on my favourite royal blogs and was stunned and sad to hear that you are no longer doing this. Your work was excellent and you shone a spotlight on the Countess, who is often overlooked. You said you were not closing down due to internet nastiness. Someone above alluded that Sophie herself might be the problem. Surely this is not so. Could you give us any hint as to what went wrong. Perhaps it can be fixed. So many will miss you, Anna.


      1. Laura W.

        Your post and your reply are rather cryptic and I am none the wiser. You say, “If someone would like me to continue, they have my email.” Well, I think EVERYONE would like you to continue, as evidenced by the 30 positive comments. But perhaps it just has to be the one who discouraged you, that needs to email you. Whatever, do know your work was stellar and we are appreciative.

        Liked by 1 person

  25. Laura W.

    Oh my goodness, Anna. Thank you for confirming the real reason. I’m sure most of the other people who followed your bog, did not realize this. I am so sorry. You never did anything but portray the Countess of Wessex in a very positive way. Your photos and dialogue were impeccable and showcased the work of Sophie as well as her fashion. It would be wonderful if you could continue. But if not, we certainly understand. I wish you well.


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